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Saturday, 16 February 2019

The flights

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The flights: the expression 'free flight' alone should be enough to understand what it is. Done without a motor, paragliding and hang gliding take advantage of the updrafts that nature gives us. The beauty of free flight is that no two flights are ever the same and that the pilot is always on the lookout for strategies to make the most of what the air offers at that time. This is true also for tandem flight, though special attention is given to the guest (passenger) that often finds him or herself in this new dimension for the first time. The test flights with passengers last from a minimum of ten minutes (when the air is calm and there are no updrafts) to a maximum of one or two hours. However, the average tandem flight lasts about twenty minutes. There are many variables affecting the duration of the flight and for this reason the Team (and no other free flying pilot) can guarantee with absolute certainty how long it will last. In addition to weather conditions, essential for a safe flight, the pilot must carefully assess passenger's mood before and after takeoff, adapting the type of flight to be made accordingly. Professionalism, experience and preparation distinguish the Team's pilots, who with the passenger immediately seek a relationship of mutual trust to best enjoy this experience.  Request Information

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