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Saturday, 16 February 2019

The Association

f associazione 01The Association: in addition to free flight, the association promotes many other mountain-based activities, especially those based in Monte Grappa. Founded by a group of friends from various specialties, Asd Sport Montegrappa organizes and promotes, with its own guides and instructors, activities of climbing, hiking, Nordic Walking, mountain biking, rafting, etc. A 360° association that loves and respects nature in all its forms. With a particular regard for Free Flight, considering the international importance that the Massif has for this activity.  Request Information

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Sport Montegrappa Asd

Borso del Grappa
Via Caose 22
Phone +39 333 6648 808
E-mail -
C.F. 92032660265
P.IVA 04736960263
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